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slip away

This solo work explores themes of loss and hope relating to the endangered state of the Ktunaxa Language.  What happens when individuals are motivated by fear? What work needs to happen to develop a sense of hope for our future?  This solo shares accounts of the current efforts toward preservation of the endangered language, and showcases dreams of how it may continue enlivened in the future.



Dance Made In Canada: What You See Is What You Get 

Toronto, August 2023​​

  • Choreographed and Performed by Samantha Sutherland

  • Sound by Jeffrey Sutherland

  • Voice in audio: Sophie Pierre and Samantha Sutherland

  • Costume: Cindy Sutherland

  • Lighting by Simon Rossiter

  • Mentorship by Olivia C. Davies



Zaagi'idiwin: Our Mothering Heart by O.Dela Arts

Nozhem: First Peoples Performance Space, Peterborough 2023

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