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ȼ̓inaⱡ upxamik​

This work delves into the feelings and emotions that arose when beginning to question why Indigenous culture is important to daily life.  It contrasts feeling fear of embarking on a vulnerable journey and feeling excited for the lessons that come forth.  How does one look over preconceived notions of what being in touch with culture looks like and find what it truly means.

Samantha Dance.00_08_55_02.Still015.png


Harvest Moon Showcase 2021 (online) presented by O.Dela Arts

  • Mentorship by Olivia C. Davies and Alejandro Ronceria

  • Videography by Jason Jenkins

  • Music by Sophie Dow

  • Lighting by Melissa Joakim

  • Stage technician Bryan-Clifford Batty

  • Recorded at Aki Studio Native Earth Performing Arts, Toronto ON



Matriarchs Uprising 2022 (online) by O.Dela Arts


Common Ground Dance Festival by TOES for Dance in 2022. In person at Lee Lifeson Art Park, North York ON

  • Lighting by Emerson Kafarowski


Matriarchs Uprising 2023 at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa ON

  • Lighting by Jonathan Kim

  • Stage Management Brian Postalian

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